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Active Lives Healthy Futures


Active Lives Healthy Futures provides sustainable children’s activity solutions across all environments by using the Train, Support and Deliver models.

Train- train and qualify people to work with children, young people and families

Support- supporting delivery of activity through proven systems and sustainable models to deliver safe, rewarding programmes for children , young people and families

Deliver – delivering the selected active lives programme of children, young people and family activities

Active Lives Healthy Futures is a bespoke programme which can be adapted to be delivered in a range of settings. These settings include schools, leisure centres, health clubs and community environments.


Role of the Board

Our Board is responsible for the long term success of Active Lives Healthy Futures and includes a Non-Executive Chairman, 1 Executive director, and 2 Non-Executive directors.

The Board is accountable to shareholders for ensuring that the company is appropriately managed and achieves the strategic objectives it sets. The Board carries out its responsibilities through a programme of at least four scheduled meetings a year, which includes the approval of overall budgetary planning and business strategy.
The Board reviews internal controls and risk management policies and approves the governance structure and code of conduct. It also appraises and approves major financing, investment and evaluates and monitors the performance of the Company. 

This includes

• evaluating progress towards financial and business objectives and annual plans
• scrutinising the performance of management in meeting these objectives and plans
• monitoring - through reports


Composition of the Board

Our priority is to have diversity in terms of gender, ethnicity, disability, length of tenure and business experience across developed and emerging markets. We believe that such a diverse balance is in the best long-term interests of shareholders.

  • We set targets to have BAME director representation, and for women to represent atleast 33% of the board by the start of 2020 and to maintain or exceed this level.
  • We are currently below this target with currently no BAME representatives and a current female Board Director representation of 25%.
  • We are currently working towards meeting or succeeding these targets by the start of 2020.







Our Active Schools Services

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Monitor, track and evaluate all pupils’ participation and activity levels and create comprehensive school sports premium reports.

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Active PE

Support and delivery of a fully inclusive PE and sports curriculum to engage all pupils in physical activity.

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Active Extended Days

High quality before and after school provision run by qualified activity professionals.

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Active Playgrounds

Safe, structured and fun activities during play times, delivered by our qualified activity professionals

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