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Home Activity | Breathing Colours for Blue Monday

  • Written by Oisin Fahim on Friday 7 January 2022 in the category Active Families.

It's important during this time of year to focus on your wellbeing, especially with Blue Monday just around the corner.

That's why we're bringing a range of colours your way that will help to brighten your mood and encourage you to practice mindfulness. Follow our steps below on how to... Breathing Colours.

  1. Have your family sit down together
  2. Get everyone to think of a relaxing colour. This can be any colour you like, as long as it makes you feel calm and relaxed
  3. Imagine that the world around you is in this relaxing colour - the air should no longer be clear, it should be in your colour
  4. Now as you breathe in, think of this colour and imagine that it is filling your lungs
  5. When you breathe out, breathe out any stress, sadness and/or anger
  6. Watch as the colour of your stresses mix with your relaxation colour. Your stress colours will now slowly disappear
  7. Breathe in your relaxing colour
  8. Breathe out your stress colour

Repeat this for 5 minutes.

Home Activity | Big Garden Birdwatch

  • Written by Oisin Fahim on Friday 7 January 2022 in the category Active Families.

Supported by the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds), we're excited for the upcoming Big Garden Birdwatch weekend!

Throughout January, we have scheduled a range of nature-based activities that will keep children active at our Extended School Clubs. But now, it's your chance to get the whole family involved!

Take a look below to see what type of activities you can do at home or at your local park:

Whether you want to get out now or wait for the big weekend to commence (29th & 30th January), here are some benefits these activities will bring:

  • Gets you out and about
  • Opportunity to learn about the different species of birds
  • Great way to keep active
  • You might discover a new hobby/interest

3 fun activities for kids to do at home this summer

3 fun activities for kids to do at home this summer

This summer is packed full of top-level sporting events from the 143rd Wimbledon tennis tournament to the FIFA Women’s Football World Cup. Events like these inspire millions of children and here at Fit For Sport we want to help transfer this inspiration into actual uptake of physical activity. Thus, in light of this, Fit For Sport have come up with 3 fun outdoor activities that your kids can perform to feel like the world class athletes on our TV screens this summer.

How to get the most out of your local park

  • Written by Oisin Fahim on Wednesday 26 October 2016 in the category Active Families.

“The nation is in the grip of a cradle to grave inactivity crisis at the moment and 37,000 people will pass away prematurely this year because they haven’t led an active lifestyle. Parks are absolutely fundamental assets that are key to breaking down the barriers to activity that people face.”

This week, ukactive’s Strategic Projects Director, Will Smithard, voiced his concerns over the future of public parks in the UK to a select government committee. This came off the back of a ‘future of public parks inquiry’ that was launched in July this year with councils now under enormous financial pressures and with no legal obligation to fund and maintain public parks.

25 inventive activities to try as a family this summer

  • Written by Oisin Fahim on Tuesday 19 July 2016 in the category Active Families.

The summer holidays are a time of the year that most families look forward to with excitement, the time to relax, recuperate and switch off. However, that downtime period can also lead to an increase in inactivity.

ukactive recently revealed that British school children are losing 80% of fitness gained during term time through ‘lazy summer holidays’ which frankly, isn’t acceptable.

Active play dates and parties - What to do when you're outnumbered!

Anyone who has ever hosted a children’s party or playdate will know that active kids are happy kids. Planning a few active games in advance can help make sure that everybody has fun, and you don’t end up playing referee to bored and squabbling youngsters. If you find yourself suddenly in charge of a few more kids than usual, here are some great ideas for keeping them active, interested and (hopefully) behaving beautifully.

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