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3 fun activities for kids to do at home this summer

3 fun activities for kids to do at home this summer

This summer is packed full of top-level sporting events from the 143rd Wimbledon tennis tournament to the FIFA Women’s Football World Cup. Events like these inspire millions of children and here at Fit For Sport we want to help transfer this inspiration into actual uptake of physical activity. Thus, in light of this, Fit For Sport have come up with 3 fun outdoor activities that your kids can perform to feel like the world class athletes on our TV screens this summer.



1. Football assault course

Grab some cones or spare shoes lying around and make a zig zag course. Have fun dribbling in and out of the cones and why not try making 2 courses to race against a friend or family member.

2. Tennis assault course

Similar to the football one mentioned above, here your child will walk in and out of the cones holding a tennis racket with a ball resting on it, making sure that the ball doesn’t fall off!
If your child is the next Rodger Federer or Serena Williams, then why not get them to bounce the ball whilst completing the course.

3. Family race

Get some families together and head to the local park to take part in a family race. You can set the distance however you see fit so that you can include kids of all ages as well as the parents!!

Summer is the perfect opportunity to try and spend as much time outside as possible with family and friends. Time spent on iPads and other forms of technology increase drastically during school holidays which impacts children’s health and can lead to problems later on in life like obesity and heart problems.

Sometimes family and friends are busy during the summer holidays so why not enrol your child into a fun filled activity camp! Fit For Sport camps are led by qualified children’s activity professionals and provide a variety of fun activities as well as appropriate Ofsted registered childcare.

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