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Budget-Friendly Summer Activities

We understand that it can be difficult keeping children entertained over the school holidays, especially the 6 weeks of summer! So whether it's raining or sunny out, we've composed a list of summer activities which are also budget-friendly to help our families throughout the current rise in cost of living.

Local Activities

  • Join your local Fit For Sport club by booking now! We have a list of payment options available to help reduce the cost where possible.
  • Check out Facebook to find local wild swimming groups, they will share safe spots as well as wild swimming safety information so you can give it a try.
  • Geocaching – a never ending treasure hunt, follow the link to find out how to get started Getting Started - Geocaching UK.
  • Find your local Pets at Home store here to see what FREE activities they will be offering.
  • Have a look at what crafty activities your local Hobbycraft is offering here.
  • Head on over to your local Libraries website or pop in and ask what events they have on offer over the Summer holidays.
  • Some local shopping centres put on fun trails for you to take part in, keep an eye out in your local area.
  • Use up old nail varnishes or paints to paint rocks, you could collect the rocks from a day out at a pebbled beach. Once you have painted them hide them around your local nature reserve for others to find. Join your local rock Facebook page to see who finds them.
  • Set yourself a challenge to visit a new park each week, see if you can find a new favourite.
  • Walk in the woods and do texture rubbings of all the different trees. All you will need is some plain white paper and some crayons. You could collect leaves and bark and do rubbings of these too.
  • The Woodland Trust, Find A Wood - Visiting Woods - Woodland Trust, have an array of information. Find your local woodland area via their website and then scroll through the pages where you will find, foraging ideas, identifying birds, how to identify bird egg shells if you happen to find any, and much more.
  • Visit your local car boot sale and see what bargains you can find. Could you find something old and turn it into something new?

At Home Activities

  • Have a home cinema day, create your own tickets, popcorn cups, banners and drinks/snacks!
  • Go to your local beach and collect shells, and create a seashell photo frame to store your favourite memory this summer.
  • Create your own playdough at home following this tutorial, what will you create? Take photos of your makes and send them to family/friends so they can vote for their favourite.
  • Countryside online has some free farming related activities for you to take part in here.
  • Find items that you already have around the house (bedsheets, tablecloths, pegs etc) and build a den inside or out. You could have lunch in your den or watch a film.
  • Get the board games out and have a family games day/night. Keep a leader board of who wins each game to find an overall winner
  • Try some of Dobbie’s Little Seedlings gardening activities here.
  • Create your own ‘Walking Bingo’ to try with the whole family. Make a card of 9 things, these could be; a dog, a red car, a green tree etc... As you walk along you tick them off as you go, the person who gets theirs ticked off first and shouts 'BINGO!' is the winner.
  • Go for a walk and collect sticks to make a fire, ensuring it is safe to do so, then use skewers to toast marshmallows... Fancy something more? Make smores by placing your toasted marshmallow between two chocolate digestives... Yum!
  • Buy some sunflower seeds, paint and decorate terracotta pots that can be purchased from your local garden centre (make sure your name is on it) and have a family sunflower growing competition.

Passes / Subscriptions

  • Try Kids Pass (Kids Pass | Family Days Out Deals and Discounts)! £1 for 30 days and you can cancel anytime. This site offers up to 57% off days out and attractions, kids go free at aquariums, restaurants and more, 30% off adult and child cinema tickets plus up to 25% off family holidays and resorts.
  • Before heading off for a day out at an attraction check for any offers, one site worth checking is Picniq.
  • Help conserve historic sites and keep England’s story alive by joining English Heritage. Membership is £5.50 a month for 12 months, this is for 1 adult and up to 6 children, and £9.58 a month for 2 adults and up to 12 children. You will get unlimited access to over 400 historic places and reduced prices for over 100 special events.
  • Blue Peter Badge owners can gain entry into over 200 attractions. There are 8 different badges find out how you can earn yours here.

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