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How to Get the Most Out of Your Supermarket Vouchers

Families whose children are eligible to free school meals are able to claim a £15 supermarket voucher for each week that their child is off for school holidays. So, how can you make the most of this limited budget? We have put together a sample shopping list with prices taken from a mid-range supermarket and have also included some meal ideas using items brought from the list as inspiration.

Sample Shopping List:

  1. Wholemeal bread – £0.60
  2. Baked beans (reduced salt) – £0.30
  3. Block of store-brand cheddar – £1.55
  4. Sweetcorn in water – £0.42
  5. Tuna or salmon chunks in water – £1.00
  6. Couscous – £0.70
  7. Low-fat mayonnaise – £0.69
  8. Shredded lettuce – £0.69
  9. Easy peelers – £0.69
  10. Bag of apples – £0.79
  11. Chopped Tomatoes – £0.45
  12. 6 large eggs – £1.30
  13. Jacket Potatoes – £0.39
  14. 2pt semi-skimmed milk – £0.95
  15. Crunchy peanut butter – £0.89
  16. Loose Bananas x 3 – £0.42
  17. 500g greek yoghurt – £0.49
  18. 240g Sliced chicken – £1.99
  19. Honey – £0.69

Total = £15

*Please note, that this is a sample list only. If you need to swap any items out due to dietary requirements, we recommend researching a nutritional alternative to any of the above. For example, chicken can be substituted for Tofu which can be bought for £1.70.

Shopping done… Tick! Now to put these items into nutritional meals… Please see below some ideas we recommend:

  • Tuna Mayo + sweet corn sandwich
  • Cheese and lettuce sandwich
  • Chicken and Mayo sandwich
  • Egg Mayo Sandwich
  • Scrambled/poached or boiled egg on toast
  • Tomatoes on toast
  • Peanut butter and banana on toast
  • Banana and egg pancakes
  • Tuna mayo and sweetcorn with jacket potato
  • Cheese and beans jacket potato with lettuce
  • Chicken and sweetcorn couscous
  • Tomato couscous

For desserts, use the fruit, greek yoghurt and honey.

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