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The problem with not adequately prioritising daily physical activity at school

The problem with not adequately prioritising daily physical activity at school

Millions of kids have started the new school year and are excited to see their friends, meet their new teachers and get back to their favourite activities. However many kids won’t get enough of one of the biggest necessities for their overall development, health and wellbeing, which is their daily physical activity requirements. Whether it takes place in the sports hall, on the playground or in the classroom, physical activity plays a vital role in a child’s physical, social, emotional and academic development.

Schools should provide access to at least 60 minutes per day of vigorous or moderate-intensity physical activity, more than half of which should be accomplished during regular school hours. So why are many kids in the UK not getting this hour of physical activity at least five days per week?

Schools are faced with budget cut challenges and many aren't laser-focused on physical activity taking priortiy within their school which, as we know, can be the cause of mental health issues that are becoming all too common among youth in our society today.

We also know and understand our personal lives are very busy and homework requirements, in my view, are really not helping with allocating time for our kids to achieve their recommended 60 minutes a day. Daily fun activities for all children, both inside and outside of school, are essential for health and well-being. Regular physical activity is proven to improve sleep, behaviour and classroom focus, and ultimatley help lead to a healthy lifestyle as an adult.

The good news is that if we work together, our kids can achieve the daily 60 minutes of fun physical they need to thrive in life. It’s our collective responsibility to help schools prioritise daily physical activity. A well balanced education that includes physical, social, emotional and academic learning is critical for children to reach their full potential.

Here's how you can help...

Parents, you can make an impact by discussing with your school the importance of regular activity during the school day! We need your help in supporting us to challenge schools and governers to provide more physical activity on a daily basis. It’s time to take action together to make school a place where every kid gets 60 minutes a day to run, jump, skip and leap into a brighter healthier future.

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