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Top Tips for Staying Cool

  • Written by Oisin Fahim on in the category Active Families.

With the UK experiencing a heatwave, here are our top tips for staying cool this summer!

Did you know... children aged 4-8 years should be drinking 1 litre of water a day, children aged 9-12 years should be drinking 1.5 litres and children aged 13 and over should be drinking 2 litres? Water is great for our bodies for a variety of reasons:

  • It carries nutrients to cells
  • Helps to remove waste products from our major organs
  • Boosts our metabolism
  • Keeps us hydrated
  • Helps us control our body temperature and much, much more

Water can often become boring to children, and as we become more and more aware of the damage sugar from juices and squashes can do to our children’s teeth, how can we get them to drink more water?

  • Try infusing water: you can add your child’s favourite fruit to their water or grow your own herbs to put them into it. You can buy bottles with a separate part for the fruit/herbs.
  • Try Ice Tea: Small and Wild have created a happy, healthy tea that will help keep children hydrated
  • Try Vidrate sachets: with zero sugar, natural ingredients and added vitamins and electrolytes, these are a great way to flavour your child’s water

Other ways to keep cool

  • Jazz up your ice cubes, add some fruit into your ice cube trays to make fruity ice cubes or see what different-shaped ice cube trays you can find
  • Create some frozen yoghurt; this is an excellent alternative to ice cream and can be made using natural yoghurt or coconut yoghurt for those with a dairy allergy. Line a thin tray and pour on your chosen yoghurt, add your favourite fruits and pop in the freezer. When you get it out, take it off the tray and break it into bark pieces
  • Use a dispensing syringe to fill raspberries with yoghurt and pop them in the freezer for a quick and easy healthy snack
  • Pop some grapes into the freezer. They are a great sweet-tasting snack straight from the freezer or use them to cool a drink without diluting it and eat as a snack after
  • Banana ice lollies are also a great idea, peel and cut a banana in half and then pop in a lolly stick. Cover in yoghurt for an added extra, and then you can sprinkle on nuts or sprinkles, freezer and enjoy
  • Freeze bananas and then blitz in a blender for some banana ice cream

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