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School Services

Offering schools round the clock services to keep children active before, during and after the school day plus during the holidays.

Begin your school’s round the clock activity journey today!

Did you know...?
32.4% of children and young people do less than an average of 30 minutes of activity each day in the academic year 2020-21 (Sport England)
41% of Year 6 children were classed as overweight or obese in 2020-21 (Sport England)
94% of parents using wraparound care believe it is an essential service (YouGov)


Fit For Sport are the UK’s experts on engaging and educating children through physical activity and has been for over 30 years. We are passionate & committed to  working alongside schools to offer children round the clock activity opportunities to help in tackling the alarming child obesity levels. We already welcome over 25,000+ families across 100+ school and leisure partners each day!

Developed in line with Ofsted requirements, we will work to support your school with round the clock care and activities such as: Extended School Care (before and after school) provisions, School Holiday Camp provisions, Active Playground activities, PE & School Sports support, teacher training, classroom support and PPA cover.

Why Fit For Sport?
We can offer your school a range of services bespoke to the requirements of your school. At Fit For Sport, we work with you to develop a safe and supportive learning environment that also promises a fun and energising experience that will leave children wanting to come back again and again.

Partner with us today to energise your school with round the clock activity! Our dedicated team of activity experts are passionate about engaging children in physical activity. By keeping children active, they can enjoy a huge range of benefits which include; mental, social, emotional, physical and educational benefits.

At Fit For Sport we believe that helping children to enjoy being active from an early age will set them up for life. Active children are not only healthier but they; learn better, concentrate more, improve their overall wellbeing and their academic performance increases.


Here are just some of our Partner benefits!

  •  UK's leading school services provider
  •  Flexible, bespoke package tailored to your venues requirements
  •  Smooth and hassle free service for partners, parents and children
  •  Opportunity to earn extra revenue through hosting Fit For Sport services
  •  One consistent provider delivering all services
  •  Committed team of professional activity leaders
  •  Ofsted registered company with over 100 registered venues
  •  Easy access to specialist support

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More Information

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We support schools in the following three ways


We upskill school staff through training courses and qualifications to improve PE and raise pupils’ physical activity levels. Find out more about our training here.


Our experienced team supports schools and teachers to deliver fully inclusive PE and school sports


Providing established programmes, tools, resources and quality assurances to deliver high quality physical activity

Our Active Schools Services

Active Playgrounds

Safe, structured and fun activities during play times, delivered by our qualified activity professionals

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PE & School Sport

Support and delivery of a fully inclusive PE and sports curriculum to engage all pupils in physical activity.

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Extended School and Holiday Care

High quality Before, After School & Holiday Camp provision run by qualified activity professionals.

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Healthy Active Schools System

Monitor, track and evaluate all pupils’ participation and activity levels and create comprehensive school sports premium reports.

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You can also call our Customer Service Team who are happy to assist you with any queries.

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