Activity Camp

Downham Health and Leisure Centre

7-9 Moorside Road
Downham BR1 5EP

Upcoming Activity Camp Dates

Monday 13th - Friday 17th February

Year Groups

4 Years*

5-7 Years

8-12 Years

Activity Camps Schedule and Pricing

Schedule Times Price per day
Standard Day 09:30 - 16:30 £23.00
Extended Day 08:30 - 17:30 £27.75
Half Day Age 4 only* 09:30 - 13:00 £17.25

Trampolining: Wednesdays and Thursdays only

Other activities will include Arts & Crafts sessions, Parachute Games, Team Games & Sport Specific Activities *Please note that these activities are subject to change.




Fit For Sport’s programme is focused on Physical Activity (including Sports) & Arts, our mission is to engage and educate all children in our care through physical activity, providing children with the core skills including running, jumping, balancing and catching (i.e. physical literacy) to most importantly give the children confidence to transition into sport and continue a healthy, active lifestyle into adulthood.

Therefore, in accordance with OFSTED’s ‘Registration not Required’ (under Section 11) document we are exempt from registration (December 2015 ref; 150150).

We will be registering applicable settings on the Voluntary Childcare Register ensuring OFSTED guidelines and standards are adhered to at all times enabling us to cater for children from 4yrs of age for up to 4 hours and offer full day activities for children from 5yrs of age.



  1. Swimming Pool
  2. Outdoor Area
  3. Sports Hall
  4. Toilets

What To Bring

Fit For Sport advises children to bring the following:

  1. A healthy packed lunch (nut free) with 2 healthy snacks
  2. A water bottle (we provide extra water)
  3. A swim kit - towel and aids if required
  4. Comfortable & suitable footwear for activities
  5. Wear weather appropriate clothing, i.e. children are encouraged to take part in outdoor activities each day (weather permitting), therefore sunscreen should be applied before camp and we recommend a hat in hot weather. For cold and wet weather, we recommend children to wrap up warm and wear a coat

We do ask that all items are labelled so we can ensure your child goes back home with everything.


OFSTED: In Process

Terms & Conditions


You can find all the Terms & Conditions applicable to your booking in this document.


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