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25 inventive activities to try as a family this summer

  • Written by Oisin Fahim on in the category Active Families.


The summer holidays are a time of the year that most families look forward to with excitement, the time to relax, recuperate and switch off. However, that downtime period can also lead to an increase in inactivity.

ukactive recently revealed that British school children are losing 80% of fitness gained during term time through ‘lazy summer holidays’ which frankly, isn’t acceptable.

So to prevent falling into this trap, why not draw up an 'Active Contract' as a family this summer! Set yourselves goals and make a family commitment. Make a plan and stick to it and even treat yourselves for doing just that.

Check out our simple and achievable Active Summer guide and give it a go!

1. Take a weekly after dinner walk, altering the route each week. As you walk, look at the nature around you: could you create a collage from the items that you collect along the way?

2. Join up with another family for an A-Z scavenger hunt. The children could help to choose the items on the list.

3. Have a hula hoop contest to see who can keep it going the longest.

4. Use the hula hoop to skip. How many skips can you do in a minute? Try again tomorrow, can you beat your score?

5. Have a family triathlon week: Take a walk...Go for a swim...Go for a bike ride! How far have you travelled? Could you do it again in two weeks and take a different route? Did you travel further?

6. Choose an interesting location to walk each week, keep a track of how far you have walked and calculate your summer total?

7. Find a new park in the local area to visit! Adventure playgrounds and children’s fitness trails are becoming increasingly popular.

8. Have a ‘nature’ focus week: a trip to the seaside, visit the local woods, visit a fruit picking farm, or even follow a local nature trail. Create a picture book of different and interesting things that you have seen during the week.

9. Wednesday Challenge day! Take the Fit For Sport Activity Challenge. Can you improve your scores from week 1 to Week 6? For more information on what this involves visit

10. Wacky Races...each family member designs a race that everyone can do. Obstacle race, fancy dress, egg and spoon, balancing bean bag on your head, there are so many, be creative!

11. Invite another family to join in with your activities for the day. Having more people take part is always better!

12. Make a Family Pentathlon Week: jumping challenges, catching and throwing challenges, sprint challenges and bat & ball challenges.

13. Host a Talent show; sing, dance, tell a story or joke or even juggle! You can hold auditions, rehearsals and be ready to perform in a live final! Invite others to be the audience and remember to use some audience participation to keep everyone active.

14. Relax the mind and keep the body active by attempting some yoga as a family.

15. As a family, try something none of you have tried before – learn a new set of skills.

16. Take a flying disc to the park and make up a game for the whole family to play, 3 simple rules and a point system creates a challenge for everyone.

17. Skipping is a great way to be active. Learn and perfect a new skip trick each day and create a sequence to show others at the end of the week.

18. Parents, teach your children your favourite childhood games (e.g. hopscotch, tag or what’s the time Mr Wolf?)

19. With some chalk, make out your own hopscotch or with some help to create some material sports: create a big twister in the back garden, everyone can get involved.

20. Create a summer board game, full of ideas and activities. Let the dice help you decide and complete the challenges along the way.

21. Play mini golf by creating your own course in the back garden!

22. Find a community event that the whole family could take part in, from a fun run to activity days, keeping active and helping to raise some money for a good cause.

23. Create a back yard circus; dress up, be Active Animals, or practise a trick with a hoop or ball.

24. Create your own backyard games like balloon volleyball or badminton.

25. Time to dance: each family member can choose a song for the whole family to get up and dance to. Make it a daily task to spend the time together inside or outside in the garden and dance together, it will certainly make giggle while you wiggle! Share your favourite dance moves with the whole family.

We'd love to see what you come up with so why not tweet us some of your photos @fitforsportuk.

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