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Fitting in at Fit For Sport - My First Day

Written by John Aiwone, Activity Leader at Fit For Sport

My first day at Fit For Sport as an Activity Leader didn't disappoint me in any way!

As with the first day of any job, regardless of experience, you're always mixed with excitement and nerves as you're stepping into a new environment and meeting new colleagues but then again, it's an environment that you haven't been in before and is a journey into the unknown.

My day consisted of lunchtime supervision at Grazebrooke Primary School in Stoke Newington (12:00-13:30). This was followed by short a 15 minute commute to Gayhurst Community School in Hackney for an After School Club from 15:00 – 18:00. I had worked around the Stoke Newington area last year, therefore commuting from Stratford wasn't a problem.

It was interesting observing the team dynamics and hierarchy. The clubs typically consisted of a site manager and five or six Activity Leaders. Compared to the previous company I had been working for, it was refreshing to see I was working with more staff during the activities so there’s more support available and opportunities to get to know my fellow colleagues.

All staff and children were very welcoming and helped me settle into the role and routine quickly. They [the staff] took their time to get to know me and explain the structure of the clubs which made me feel like I was an important asset to the team.

Each session consisted of registration, a warm-up, a main activity and then a cool-down. The children then have a 15-30 minute break for snacks (or light-bites as Fit For Sport call it), followed by another warm-up activity, a main and then cool-down activities before free time when waiting to go home.

I actually had activity plans written down with the expectation of leading the sessions but I was given more of a shadow-support role. However, I'd rather not been thrown into the deep end at schools I haven't coached at amongst a group of children who I’ve only just met. I’m therefore glad that the Fit For Sport team were aware of that and showed that they valued me as a member of the team.

I was impressed that the children at Gayhurst were provided with healthy snacks such as rice cakes, fruit and water. It's vital that children at an early age learn what is required of them to live a healthy lifestyle (a balanced diet and regular physical exercise), especially as the UK currently faces an obesity epidemic, costing public health services billions of pounds.

The team demonstrated their commitment to the company’s values and expectations.

It was a great end to my first day playing Football as a last main activity, ended up missing an open goal, not on purpose too!

I'm very much looking forward to the rest of my week and beyond, getting to know the wonderful children at the schools and being an important member of the Fit For Sport team.

Do you have what it takes to wear the Fit For Sport uniform? If so we're are always on the lookout for passionate activity leaders and managers to work at our school services and holiday camps. If you'd like to join our growing team please visit for all of our latest vacancies!

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