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'HASS' to help schools in the fight against childhood obesity...

Childhood Obesity Strategy

Fit For Sport, the UK’s leaders in educating and engaging children through physical activity, fully support the government’s recent childhood obesity strategy and we will continue to strive towards inspiring every child to engage in at least 60 minutes of physical activity each and every day. Click here to read our response to the Childhood Obesity Strategy.

Healthy Active Schools System

One of the suggestions outlined in the recent strategy is that schools should be encouraging children to participate in a minimum of 30 minutes of activity during the school day.  

We at Fit For Sport have launched a ground-breaking online platform for schools to use in order to be able to monitor, track and improve children’s activity levels which will undoubtedly be key for schools to ensure that their pupils are participating in 30 minutes of activity a day. 

The Healthy Active Schools System is a free tool that can now be used by all schools and it will ensure that children are actively engaging in more exercise more often.

The chief medical guidelines state that everyone should be taking part in at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day and whilst the new government strategy states that schools should be responsible for 30 minutes, it also states that parents and guardians should be supporting with the remaining 30 minutes outside of school time.

HASS can also assist here as it provides schools with free resources that they can then show to parents who can, in turn then implement at home.

HASS is a revolutionary system which doesn’t cost a penny for schools to use but we have consistently shown that driving children to be more physically active doesn’t have to be a costly process.

Engage To Compete

Our Engage To Compete project that launched last year proved that schools can ensure children are participating in more physical activity on a regular basis for little or even no additional cost. The Sport-England funded programme engaged more than 15,000 school children in over 700 schools nationwide in regular activity to which the schools reported a substantial improvement in children’s behaviour and concentration levels, as well as reductions in staff time spent dealing with incidents from the playground.

Generally, the majority of Primary Schools will only have two PE lessons per week, therefore break and lunch should be the crucial time for kids to be enjoying some active fun.  This sustainable programme upskilled lunchtime assistants and other school staff to deliver sessions for less than £11 per child and pointed to a number of other cost-effective activity programmes available to educators.

Physical literacy

Fit For Sport have been dedicated to engaging and educating children in regular physical activity for over 25 years as we truly believe that embedding daily activity from an early age will encourage us to stay active for life. Physical literacy is a form of education that should be a part of every child’s learning and will be key in our united fight against childhood obesity.

Below are some shocking statistics that came from our Activity Challenge (a fun & interactive way for parents/guardians to test children’s physical literacy and fitness, including stamina, agility and coordination).

At Fit For Sport we all share the same passion and commitment to improving the activity levels of children in the UK and although other issues such as unhealthy eating and the rise of modern technology, the crux of the problem lies in severe inactivity amongst the younger generation.

Activity Camps and School Services

That is exactly why we run an all year round service which aims to get as many children as possible achieving the chief medical guidelines of 60 minutes of activity a day. Initially, CEO and Founder, Dean Horridge, began Fit For Sport by hosting activity camps on weekends and during the school holidays, today, the company runs over 100 Activity Camps nationwide. 

In addition, we also run our renowned Extended School services in 85 primary schools up and down the country to ensure that children are being kept active during term time as well.

For more information on our services visit or phone our friendly customer service team on 0845 456 3233.

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