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Why every child can keep active regardless of deprivation

Startling statistics have revealed that 40% of kids living in deprived areas in the UK have been measured as overweight or obese in the last year, compared to 27% in the most affluent areas.

Every child deserves the opportunity to be healthy regardless of their family’s financial background and although there can be restraints due to deprivation, staying active doesn’t have to be costly, in fact, more often than not it’s completely free.

Walking, running, cycling, playing multi-sports in the park or garden, there are so many activities available to families that cost very little. Another prime example is our Activity Challenge which doesn’t cost a penny to sign up to and is a fun and engaging way for families to keep active together. The online portal is an invaluable tool that can be used to measure levels of agility, eye-hand co-ordination and endurance levels, during a selection of short and easy to follow activities.

                              (statistics taken from our Activity Challenge in 2016)

But whilst education does start at home, schools are also key to ensuring that kids learn the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle.
Following the success of our Engage To Compete project in Tower Hamlets back in 2014, last year we launched the Sandwell Active Schools program which continues to upskill school staff to engage all children in their school in regular physical activity.

Giving schools guidance on how to increase physical exercise and develop competition is something Fit For Sport want to engrain in every school’s ethos and if every school adheres to this, they stand a far better chance of producing healthier children.

The program is helping children achieve the CMO guidelines of 60 minutes of activity a day for every child with a focus on playtime activity - a key time to get kids active.

Sandwell had been registered as the 149th least active local authority from 150 in the UK but the Active Schools program is proving that regardless of deprivation, improvements to standards of children’s levels of health can still be made.

The Active Schools program also encourages primary schools to use our free Healthy Active Schools System which tracks, measures and improves pupils’ activity levels.

Fit For Sport have proven time and time again that staying healthy and active shouldn’t have to be costly, all it needs is a little time and commitment and everyone can then reap the rewards.

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