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The Benefits of Extended School Clubs

Health and Social Care reported in 2014/15 that more than 1 in 5 children in Reception, and 1 in 3 children in Year 6 were measured as obese or overweight. Worrying, right?

Primary school years can be the most vital years in any child’s future and ensuring that they participate in at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day is an essential part of their development. As such, before and after school clubs can play a hugely significant role in encouraging physical activity and good dietary habits.

Creating an Active Playground

Playing the likes of football, basketball and tag in the playground during break and lunchtime isn’t for every child. However, since almost a quarter of the primary school day is spent in break and lunchtime, pro-active use of this time can help transform a pupils’ activity levels and school experience in a very positive way.

Fit For Sport's Kenny MacDonald named in England squad for Netball World Championships

Representing England in any sport is an honour that most of us could only dream of, but Fit For Sport’s very own Kenny Macdonald has realised his dream in sensational style. Kenny, who is site manager at East Sheen Primary School, has been named in the England squad for August's Netball World Championships in New Zealand.

Active play dates and parties - What to do when you're outnumbered!

Anyone who has ever hosted a children’s party or playdate will know that active kids are happy kids. Planning a few active games in advance can help make sure that everybody has fun, and you don’t end up playing referee to bored and squabbling youngsters. If you find yourself suddenly in charge of a few more kids than usual, here are some great ideas for keeping them active, interested and (hopefully) behaving beautifully.

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