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Holdiay Camp!

Fit For Sport are the trusted provider throughout the pandemic and will be offering a Holiday Camp for Critical Worker families & vulnerable children. Both Fit For Sport & the school are proud to be there for these families over the February holiday period. Children can enjoy lots of activity, new games, learn new skills, messy play, wacky science build confidence and much more!

Extended Schools

Unfortunately our services at Bayswater Play Centre are temporarily closed. We are working with Bayswater Play Centre to return to our normal operations as soon as possible. We hope to welcome families and children back to the club in 2021 with our latest relaunch date set for Monday 22nd February. Please keep an eye on your inbox for more details regarding our re-opening.

Bayswater Play Centre - Critical Worker Camp & Easter Camp Venue

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Shrewsbury Road
London W2 5PR

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Year Groups

4-5 Years

7-8 Years

9-12 Years

Upcoming Extended School Club Dates

We hope to welcome families and children back to the Extended School Club in 2021 with our latest relaunch date set for Monday 22nd February

*Please note we do not run on inset days or Bank Holidays

Extended School Club Schedule and Pricing


  1. Outdoor Play Space
  2. Indoor Play Space
  3. Toilets

What To Bring

Fit For Sport advises children to bring the following:

  1. A healthy packed lunch (nut free) with 2 healthy snacks
  2. A water bottle (we provide extra water)
  3. Comfortable & suitable footwear for activities
  4. Wear weather appropriate clothing, i.e. children are encouraged to take part in outdoor activities each day (weather permitting), therefore sunscreen should be applied before camp and we recommend a hat in hot weather. For cold and wet weather, we recommend children to wrap up warm and wear a coat.

We do ask that all items are labelled so we can ensure your child goes back home with everything.

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