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Frequently Asked Questions

As always the health and safety of our children and staff is of the utmost importance to Fit For Sport. As a trusted provider during COVID in our partner schools, we have effectively been adjusting our operational practices to incorporate new health and safety guidelines.

As the Trusted Provider during COVID-19, our Safe Practice Guide in accordance the latest government guidance has continued to be successfully integrated across all club operations. As the new Academic Year approaches, we have developed our Extended Schools Parent FAQ Guide to compliment our Safe Practice Guide which answers the common questions that we have received from parents and outlines how we are successfully integrating the new guidelines to ensure a Fit For Sport Extended School Club is an engaging Safe Space for all this September…
In order to answer the below queries, we have been communicating and working closely with each school to ensure we are aligned to all schools processes and procedures, with the safety of all children, staff and parents our key focus.

Will Fit For Sport be accommodating the staggered times for school?
We have been liaising with our schools and we understand the change in school drop off and collection times, we can confirm, we will be accommodating these staggered times within wraparound care.
Simply book your session requirements (don’t worry if the times don’t align to the staggered times) and the children will be collected from our provision to their year group/class and supervision will be in place throughout).
Please note it would be great if you could update your details on our booking system with the children’s year group and class to make this process easier on site for collection from each class

Will Parent drop off and collection change?
To reduce the interaction, parents/guardians will not be required to drop off or collect inside the school – where possible our teams will collect from school gate or designated drop off/collection area specific to each school.

What activities will the children take part in?
We have adapted our programmes, games and activities to increase distancing as much as possible but also ensuring children can still have as much fun, as well as reducing the need to share equipment.

What happens if a child or staff member becomes unwell or there is a case of COVID-19 – whether it’s a child or family member has attended or is attending the Extended School Club?

If a child is suspected to be ill and is awaiting collection, our staff members will find a suitable room where they can be isolated away from the other children taking part in the sessions. Depending on the age of the child the correct adult supervision will be maintained by our staff at all times. If children need to go to the bathroom while waiting to be collected, they will be escorted to a different bathroom that is being used by the other children where possible. The bathroom used will then be cleaned and disinfected using standard cleaning products before being used by anyone else.

We are following procedures around close contact and isolation periods following any positive Covid case. The latest guidance states that close contact will be identified via NHS Track & Trace which will identify those who may have been in close contact, the NHS Track & Trace will work with the individual who has provided a positive test to identify those effected and communicate with them directly.

Please click here for the latest Covid guidance to term time settings.

We will follow the guidance and insist that a staff member or child isolates if they have been contacted by NHS Track & trace or received a positive Lateral Flow test or PCR test.

  • We can confirm that if you are not presenting with any signs or symptoms of Covid 19 you can continue your usual activities unless you have been requested to isolate by Track & Trace.
  • If you present with any signs or symptoms of Covid 19 we request, you stay at home and complete a Lateral Flow test or PCR test.

We will continue to ensure our settings are Covid compliant with additional cleaning and hygiene measures in place, with regular team testing.

How do you know you can operate safely? 
As the Trusted Provider during COVID-19, Fit For Sport supported over 350 families across the UK with over 50 staff deployed throughout lockdown at it’s peak through our Key Worker Club facility.
Our operational processes have been tried and tested and all of our staff in operation will have completed a COVID-19 online training course demonstrating a typical day under the new measures.

How will Fit For Sport ensure all proposed COVID-19 measures are enforced?

Our successful integration of refined measures as the Trusted COVID-19 provider has allowed us to drive renewed operational measures within the childcare industry. Our close work with the government and schools have allowed us to be agile to adhere to the latest government guidelines.
Our teams have already provided COVID-19 safe wrap around care and holiday clubs in 2020 successfully, and are ready to continue with this in 2021 and beyond. Our compliance teams will updating risk assessments to ensure our processes are adapted where required or when new guidance is issued.

We have adapted our operating procedures for parents, staff and the delivery of activities as we approach the new Academic Year and the exciting relaunch of our Extended Schools Clubs. Please read our full safe practice guide here. You can find a summary of the measures below:

Contactless registration

We have issued new tap in & out signing in tablets at each site, this will reduce waiting time and reduce contact.

Enhanced hygiene measures
For both children and staff, there will be increased cleaning measures put in place throughout the day for areas & equipment. Regular cleaning of the equipment and resources will ensure all equipment provided will always be ready and available to the children. Hand sanitiser will be readily available for all children and staff and regular sanitising will be encouraged.

Staff training
All our staff will have completed a  COVID-19 online training course which reiterates all of our safety measures and how to run a typical session under the new measures.

How will the drop off and collection work?
To ensure the pickup and drop off procedure runs smoothly – a queueing system with families requiring to adhere to the latest government social distancing guidelines will be in place at the sign in/sign out area. Further to this our new sign in/out procedure includes the use of tablets which will significantly reduce waiting time and reduce contact.

How do I contact my local breakfast and after school club?
To contact your local club directly, please click here to view the contact details for your school/center. (Please note that clubs should only be contacted for emergencies within club time).

How do I find out details for my breakfast and after school club?
To find your local school and all details about its extended school clubs please click here and enter your postcode. A list of options will then appear where you can click your school. Details regarding times, pricing and other relevant information can be found on your chosen school's page.

How do I check availability at my Breakfast and/or After school club?

To check if your club has availability, please click here and select your venue from the drop down list as well as the activity and dates you’re interested in.

What are the times and pricing for your breakfast and after school club?

To find out the schedule at your local extended school clubs please click here and enter your postcode. Then select your chosen school. Details regarding times, pricing and other relevant information can be found on your chosen school's page.