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Frequently Asked Questions

With over 100 Activity Camps running across the country, Fit For Sport offer online booking and also accept childcare vouchers.


Child No Show

Booked sessions are to be paid for in advance. Parents must inform Fit For Sport if a child is not attending for any reason, this must be done using the online booking form. Fees will not be refunded for non-attendance.

After School Club

In the event of a child being listed on the register but not arriving and the club have not been informed the manager of the club will need to:

• Visually check whether the child is attending another activity club before arriving in ASC.
• If Club colleagues are informed of the child’s non-attendance by Fit For Sport Head Office, The host school or by the child’s parents/guardians the child can be marked as not attending.
• Check the child’s classroom and school reception and any other relevant areas.
• Call Customer Care to inform them that the child has not arrived at the club and the club has not been informed.
• Customer Care will check to see if they have had any information from the parents.
• If not the club should make contact with parents using existing contact information.

If the parents know where the child is they will be informed about the policy of non-refundable charges the club will mark the child absent if applicable.

• If the parents, or any other contacts on the registration form, are not contactable or if the child should be at the club, then club colleagues need to speak to the school and organise a co-ordinated search in line with the Lost Child Procedure.

In any instance where a child does not attend the session and colleagues cannot account for the child’s whereabouts Fit For Sport Customer Care must be informed so appropriate action can be taken.

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