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Frequently Asked Questions

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How will Fit For Sport ensure all proposed COVID-19 measures are enforced?

We have adapted our operating procedures for parents, staff and the delivery of activities. Please read our full Safe Practice Guidance here. In summary, we are;

Limiting Group sizes and working within bubbles.
Children will take part in activities within the same group each day/full week, moving around activity areas within this group and using outdoor areas as much as possible

Staggered registration & Lunchtime.
There will be staggered breaks and lunch times where applicable to reduce any contact during downtime. We will also be ensuring that parents have the option of dropping off between 8am/8.30-10am and collection from 3.15-5.30pm to assist with staggered collection and drop off.

Clear signage.
We will have posters and floor signs in place throughout venues for families to be reminded of the guidance measures and protocols, these include reminders to wash hands, clean resources and respecting personal bubble.

Flexible bookings
We are offering Full week bookings (5 days) or Part week (3 days) – Monday – Friday or Tuesday to Thursday and have adjusted our times to give parents the option of dropping off between 8am/8.30-10am and collection from 3.15-5.30pm to assist with staggered collection and drop off.

Contactless registration
We have issued new tap in & out signing in tablets at each site, this will reduce waiting time and reduce contact.

Enhanced hygiene measures
For both children and staff, there will be increased cleaning measures put in place throughout the day for areas & equipment. Regular cleaning of the equipment and resources will ensure all equipment provided will always be ready and available to the children. Hand sanitiser will be readily available for all children and staff and regular sanitising will be encouraged.

Staff training
All our staff will have completed a  COVID-19 online training course which reiterates all of our safety measures and how to run a typical session under the new measures.

ActivitiesWe have adapted our themes, games and activities to increase distancing as much as possible but also ensuring children can still have as much fun, as well as reducing the need to share equipment.

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