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Running for 25 years, Fit For Sport's Activity Camps are designed to engage all children through multi-sports, games, arts and crafts so that they can make friends and keep active throughout the holiday!

Fit For Sport's Ofsted-registered Activity Camps are run by trained professionals to provide school holiday childcare within a safe, supportive and fun environment.

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Active Schools

The Active Schools programme has been running for over 25 years and can support your staff in developing a fully inclusive, active programme to ensure all children engage in the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity per day. Developed in line with Ofsted requirements, Fit For Sport will work to support your school to deliver all aspects of PE, Active Lunchtimes, Extended Schools and school sports. We also provide resources and systems to monitor activity levels of all pupils through the free Healthy Active Schools System

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Active Schools

Extended School Day

Fit For Sport have been providing OFSTED registered before and after school provision in primary schools for 25 years. Running every day during term time, the Extended School Clubs are designed to engage all children in multi-sports, games, arts and crafts to keep them active throughout the school day!

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Fit For Sport have been delivering training programmes for 25 years and are the leading training provider for anyone wanting to engage children / young people through physical activity and provide vital skills and qualifications to work with young people through physical activity and sports. The dedicated training team deliver accredited and non-accredited open courses and bespoke programmes for your organisations.

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Creating an Active Playground

  • Written by Oisin Fahim on Thursday 28 April 2016

Playing the likes of football, basketball and tag in the playground during break and lunchtime isn’t for every child. However, since almost a quarter of the primary school day is spent in break and lunchtime, pro-active use of this time can help transform a pupils’ activity levels and school experience in a very positive way.

Fit For Sport promote an active playground to encourage and engage all children to achieve the Chief Medical Office guidelines of 60 minutes of physical activity each day. Children can play with freedom but structured activity also provides them with more stimulus and incentive to be active!



Fit For Sport recently led a new Sport-England funded programme which engaged more than 15,000 school children in regular activity by upskilling lunchtime assistants and other school staff to deliver sessions. As a result of the Engage To Compete programme, schools noticed an improvement in children’s behaviour and concentration levels as well as a reduction in staff time dealing with incidents from the playground. Children’s activity levels also improved and staff felt more confident to take an active role in play time.

Create your own Active Playground!

The first step to promoting an active playground is ‘zoning’. Poor design and lack of space can be alleviated by zoning areas. This could be done by age, activity, or surface area.
We recommend that the playground be split into three zones; high intensity, medium intensity and low intensity activity. Children have the choice of which game they play in which activity zone they decide to play in, making it fun for all!

Why not try a game of Shark Attack this lunchtime to get children active?




· Turn taking
· To have fun and cool down

You will need:


How to play:

Divide the children into three or four teams and name each team after a fish, e.g. Cod, Haddock, etc. A child stands in the centre of the playing area; he/she is the ‘shark’. Each team stands and waits in a different corner of the playing area. The adult/leader then calls out the name of a team, e.g. “Haddock”. That team then jogs around the child in the centre. After a short time, the adult/leader calls out “Shark Attack!”. The children try to get back to their corner before the shark tags them. If they get back safely then they wait for their next turn; if they are tagged by the shark, they too become a shark and wait in the centre of the playing area.

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